The Heaven Order


The Heaven Order is the Empress’ private army, the personal branch of guards and agents that deal with executing her will. All the members of the Order feel truly proud of belonging to her, as there is no other military title that provides more honor than this one – except that of Lord of War. Normally, they wear shiny armor and blue robes (usually trench coats or tunics) in which are inscribed the Lion Cross of Abel. Only the knights of high rank are allowed to wear white robes.

There are only two ways of becoming part of the Order. The first is by receiving an invitation from the Empress herself, and the second is by passing a series of tests that are performed once a year in Archangel. Therefore, amongst those who make up its ranks, there is no distinction due to origin, gender, or ancestry – only martial abilities and initiative are important. Those who manage to enter continue on through hard training, cultivating body and mind so as to be able to respond in unison to any event.

The Order was created by Aeolus Hawke, who granted this title to the knights that accompanied him in his brigade when he annexed the different Principalities of Abel. A generation later, all of the young idealists wanted to join. Thus, different tests for access were developed to select only those who were truly deserving. There are very few knights that do not dream of being called to its ranks someday.


The Heaven Order is divided into seven different level, depending on the accomplishments and abilities of its members. Each of these grades is numbered between the First and the Seventh Heaven, which also indicates their attributes.

The Heaven Order

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